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New Affiliate Programs

We are so excited to post about our new affiliate programs.  

Program on offers a $20 payment to anyone your refers a friend and they make a purchase.  You offer your friend a discount of 20% and when they purchase you earn.  Pretty simple.  to become a member of this program you set up a free account on our website and once signed up, sign in here.  at the botton of the page you will see "GET FREE STUFF/ EARN"  This is where you will go into the program to see your current kushe point and how to refer friends.  



Our second program is the newest of the 2.  You can sign up for this program here

This program pays a 25% commission for any earnings created from your unique referral link.  We offer weekly free promotional items by way of a contest.  Monthly drawings, Commission bonuses and more.  This program presents more way to not only promote but earn as well.


Each program is great and I am so proud of the potential these bring to our site.  


Check them both out and sign up soon.  All brand ambassadors are being converted to the second program as of May 1 2018.\\  

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