Size Chart

                  1x            2x             3x             4x

Size      14-16         18-20        22-24       26-28

Bust     43-46         47-50       51-54        55-58

Waist     34-37        38-41       42-45       46-49

Hips      44-47         48-51       52-55       56-59

Remember, these measurements are approximate. Keep in mind that our clothes tend to be tailored and curve accented. We recommend that if you are in-between sizes, you should go up a size.



A lot of our items are stretchy as well so they may be more giving in this case in come places.  Some listings have their own size chart and if that is the case that is the one the manufacturer of the item setup as a guide, and in this case that is the one that should be used.