Return Exchange Warranty Policy

Our policy is very simple and straight forward...

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we're sorry to hear that, however, all sales are final and we offer NO REFUNDS, CANCELLATIONS OR EXCHANGES.  For you safety and security this is never overwritten. All store items are new and unworn and this policy ensures that this will always be the case.  We cannot check to ensure the condition or quality of an item once its shipped and for this reason we are not able to accept exchanges.
Purchasing  means you are bound to the terms of our website and we will not change any of this process.
Please note: Any errors due to size issues are corrected or refunded. 
Once checked out you agree/agreed to our terms.
PLEASE NOTE: If you miss delivery you have to pick package up from your local post office like notice that was left states or sign up for redeliver. After 2 days the post office will send back to sender and you will be charged for re-delivery. So please pick up package at your local post office or sign for re-deliver.
It your item returns to us for any reason after shipment, you are given 5 business day to reclaim and cover any additional shipping cost. If this time elapses it’s then placed back in stock and you are issued a store credit after a restocking fee and this is sent to you via email. You may use this to repurchase the item or any other item.